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Interesting take on this sundae classic. This unique treat combines savory vanilla, sweet strawberry, delicious banana, and creamy chocolate to make your taste buds have an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

What’s better than the perfect amount of cookies mixed with creamy vanilla ice cream? If you answered nothing, you are correct!

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice!!! This ice cream is made from some of the finest chocolate and is velvety smooth.

Who doesn’t love cookie dough?! This unique combination of creamy vanilla ice cream with bite-size pieces of brown sweet chocolate chip cookie dough is sure to have your taste buds celebrate.

We took your favorite carnival treat and improved it. This sweet and delicious treat will leave you with a sweet, savory taste in your mouth and no sticky fingers!

Want a refreshing treat with no dairy? This chilly & colorful water ice will keep you cool no matter how hot it is out.

**Each cup of Rainbow Ice Mini Melts is only 80 calories so feel free to have 2, or 3…or 5!!!

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